MAR Landscaping

Appearance MATTERS!

Curb appeal, presentation and upkeep are essential to the life of any MH or RV community. Particularly in southwest, communities are filled with a wide variety of palm trees, cacti, bushes, rock, gravel and even sometimes (believe it or not) grass. All of those things need constant upkeep and attention, therefore we are committed making sure every property we service looks pristine all year-round.

The MAR Landscaping team provides full-service landscaping, porter, pool and groundskeeping to many properties in the MAR portfolio.


A team that makes a difference

The MAR Landscaping team is composed of industry professionals with an emphasis on elevating the community experience through their service. We believe that service should be a career and therefore we are continuing to invest in the growth of our landscaping team, in and outside of the valley of the sun. To learn more about becoming a part of our landscaping team, visit our careers page today.


Sharing our service

Coming soon! We want to share the amazing service that our landscaping team provides with as many communities as we can. In 2023, we will unveil a full offering of landscaping services available as a standalone product or as a part of our new MAR Gold service.

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