About Us

Customer. Culture. Commitment.

MAR Companies is a technology-based, people first, fully integrated real estate investment management and service company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With a diverse team, comprised of 27+ professionals, we provide modern solutions to maximize efficiency for our customers every single day. Founded on a constant willingness to serve, ability to adapt to change, and a warm embrace of technology, the MAR Companies model strives for a continued commitment to improving service.


Our Vision

Redefine the MH/RV Industry. Enhance the Experience.

At MAR Companies we make every decision to achieve our vision. Our industry deserves nothing but the best and our talented team works every day to ensure that the industry is better than it was the day before.


Our Core Values

Every single MAR Companies team member lives and breathes by all of our 6 core values that serve as the cornerstones of the MAR philosophy:


Our Customer 1st


All Details Matter


Excellence in the Ordinary


Own it – Finish It


Curious > Knowledge > Can Do


Ridiculously Responsive


MAR by the Numbers

Proudly serving cities across the southwestern United States since 2010