Gold Partnerships

The Gold Standard for Receivables

Our goal is to redefine the MH/RV industry and redefine the experience. What is the one experience most universal to everyone? RENT COLLECTION.

This is why we have created an industry redefining service that we call a Gold Partnership. Every community that joins the MAR family as a Gold Partner receives monthly meter reading, invoicing, rent collection services and more, all for $7 per occupied space or less each month!

We have spent years developing an efficient process and we want to share it with you! We will automate your invoicing and rent collection process to help lift the most burdensome task off the shoulders of hard working managers so they can get back to the things that matter most. We will handle all resident accounts to monitor late payments, rental assistance and all the other moving pieces surrounding rent collection.

The MH/RV industry is one big community and we aim to work with as many communities as possible to create unmatched service. Check out all our pricing below to find your partner level today!