Property Management

At MAR Management, we have strived for 10 years to build a reputation like no other property management company out there. With a team of qualified and experienced members at your side, you will rest easy knowing your investments are being taken care of and managed with the utmost consideration and professionalism. Friendly, professional, and proactive are the qualities each member of our staff offer to each owner/investor and their properties. As an owner, protecting your asset is only one key concern. Managing residents, providing upkeep to properties and handling any emergency all play a vital role. At MAR Management, we have personnel dedicated to managing everything from toilets breaking to evictions. Once your asset is under our care, your only worry will be “How can I buy more properties now?"

We consider ourselves to be cutting edge with our use of technology. We offer a tenant portal for every resident for making monthly rent payments, modifying personal information, communicating with management, and submitting maintenance service orders. We also have implemented chat bots on all of our websites so our residents and prospects are able to communicate with us 24/7. Further, after being pre-approved through an automated system, prospects can schedule a self showing where they can visit our available homes and use a secure digital lockbox to access the unit. We have seen great success with this method, and our homes are rented quickly to approved applicants!We are constantly exploring new and innovative ideas that will continue improving the experience for our residents, owners, investors, and our company. We currently serve Apache Junction, Glendale, Tempe, and Mesa in Arizona, but we have the capability of expanding to any part of Arizona. Contact us now to schedule a tour of current properties under our care to see how we stand out above our competitors!

"When it comes to managing your investment, you need a team of people you can trust. After all, this is YOUR investment"