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When you decide to invest with us, you not only become a real estate investor, you become our partner. You need your investment to be in the most trusted hands possible that have a proven track record finding sound and profitable real estate acquisition opportunities. At the MAR Companies, we believe what we do is about more than just making money. We are a company that believes in taking good care of our residents by providing Safe, Clean and Affordable Housing which in turn provides investors with strong cash flow returns.

At the MAR Companies, we look for existing properties that we can add value and turn them into performing properties. We then manage each community to provide a quality living experience for our residents. These two strengths combined—acquisition and management—means we can locate, renovate and manage a property to deliver the best possible living experience for residents and the greatest possible returns to our investors.

Providing an exceptional living experience through Safe, Clean and Affordable housing for or residents is what really matters most at the end of the day. After all, our residents drive the operating income and operating income drives the property value. It’s a key relationship that has allowed allows us to be successful.

Our Criteria:

We look for Manufactured Housing Communities that have the ability for us to add value by increasing revenues and decreasing operating expenses. Once we identify these properties, we run a financial analysis to see how we can increase revenue, reduce expenses and work with our lending partners to maximize our equity. We are long term holders and focus primarily on cash flow.

Current Offerings:

Check back soon to see our current offerings.

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