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MAR Management is all about finding the right Manufactured Home Communities and apartments to acquire where we know we can add value to our residents and investors simultaneously by providing affordable housing and creating lasting wealth for our investor partners.

When you invest with the MAR Companies, you work with a team of experts who are focused and committed to delivering returns that can make a difference in your future. We are committed to preserving investment capital and strive to earn an above-average rate of return on all of our investments.

Invest in your future with the MAR Companies and work with an investment team with a proven track record of performance. The MAR Companies can help make cash flow real estate investing a reality for you.

Corporate Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our employees, our investors and our residents by following a simple but powerful set of core values. By having Integrity, forming strong Relationships, striving to be Excellent, acting Responsibly and showing Humility we are able to grow and serve many.

Corporate Vision

Our Mission

At MAR Residential Communities, we provide Safe, Clean and Affordable Housing for our residents, provide solid and stable returns for our investor partners and provide quality employment opportunities for our team members. By living out this mission we are able to touch many lives in a positive way.